Hydrofoil Impellers

ZCX: The axial flow paddles are widely used. It has high output flow rate and low shearing force. Its output flow is advanced 20%. Make it suitable for gas mixing, dissolving, suspending, heat transfer, crystallization and reaction. It is the best type for large-sized mixing tank.

KCX/KSX: The axial flow paddles have large onflow diffusivity and low shearing force. It economizes power 30~40% in the same mixing intensity, and its mass transfer coefficient advanced 20% in the same power. It is used specially in processes of mass transferring, heat transfer, suspending and oxygen dissolving of biology ferment.

TVL/TXL: Triple-blade propellers are typical axial flow type impellers with high output flow rate and low shearing force. Axial circulation is stronger and output rate is larger when baffles or flow guide tube is selected. Their powerful circulation capacity and low power loss can be fully applied in mixing processes of low viscosity, large volume homogenous medium. They are widely used in heat transfer, reaction of low viscosity and suspension, dissolving low content solute. Blades of adjustable propeller type impellers can be adjusted in a range of ¡À15¡ã. That will take important effect in experimental technique process. Separable propellers have three blades which can be assembled expediently. The types with stabilizer ring are used to keep shaft stable in high speed, and its critical speed advance 10~20 percent.