Paddle Impellers

PCJ: This general paddle acts as horizontal circular flow at low speed and as radial flow at high speed. If there are baffles, result in axial circular flow. It is suitable for mixing, homogenizing, dissolving, heat transfer and crystallization in low viscosity medium. Or operates in laminar region in high viscosity medium, be adopted multi-layer impellers of big diameter at low speed.

XCJ: The oblique angle of the impeller is 24¡ã, 45¡ãor 60¡ã. It produces radial and axial flow and the flow is more complex than type PJ paddle. It features larger output energy compared to type PJ paddle and has same applications as type PJ, PCJ, so type XJ, ZJ are used more frequently.

HCJ: This new paddle can substitute for type XJ and ZJ. In the same condition, the capability of discharging is 30% higher than XJ and the integrated capability is better than XJ.

CCJ: The contranatant paddle of several segments, type CJ is improved on type SJ. When it works, the paddle expedite liquid to come into being axial circulation flow, its mixing time is 30% less than type XJ. Usually multi-impellers are used together. It is suitable for mixing, solid-liquid dispersing, dissolving and heat transfer of transition region.

GCJ: This is a high efficiency and axial flow impeller. The assistant paddles which are on the master paddle can dispel the phenomenon whose flow peels off, and saves on the power of mixer, at the same time comes into being separate flow which is crossed and vertical to improve the mixing effect. It is suitable for mixing, dispersing, and heat transfer of low viscosity medium, especially for solid-liquid suspending of large-sized vessel.

ACJ: The paddle is made up of the arc paddle and the pitch paddle. It is suitable for mixing, homogenizing, heat transfer and reaction, etc. Usually multi-impellers are used together. It has the same feature as screw ribbon type.

BCJ: These types with special blades are used for situations like low circulating flow rate and low shearing force. It produces shake and turbulent flow inside and is applicable in process of bleaching and dip-dye.

FCJ: The two blades of the impeller are unsymmetrically distributed. One is high, the other is low. It makes good shearing effect at low rotation speed in laminar flow region. Usually, it is used for agitating fiber medium. n=1¡«80rpm.