212 series single face mechanical seal
212 series seals use corrugated PTFE pipe and ceramics as friction rings. By PTFE lining for inner surfaces, the seals can be used for high corrosion operations, especially for glass lining reactors, high alloy tanks, etc. This design is also suitable for vacuum operations and allowable for high radial shaft run-out.
Working conditions
Temp.:-10℃~120℃(With proper cooling method)
Material:For common and high corrosion operations.
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Agitator datasheetDownload
Necessary Information for Agitator Design:
1.1 Mounting type : Top entry/Side entry/Bottom entry
1.2 Location : Indoor/Outdoor
2.1 Vessel diameter(mm)
2.2 Vessel height(mm)
2.3 Shape of vessel heads(top/bottom)
2.4 Operating pressure(barg)
2.5 Operating temperature(℃)
2.6 Fluid density(kg/m3)
2.7 Fluid viscosity(cP)
2.8 Mixing purpose
3.1 Impeller material
3.2 Shaft material
3.3 Mounting flange material
4.1 Explosion Protection
4.2 Variable-frequency Drive : Yes/No