2002 series single face mechanical seal
2002 series are single cartridge, balance type seals, used for operations of common or weak corrosion materials.
Working conditions
Temp.:-10℃~250℃(With proper cooling method)
Material:For gas-liquid, gas-liquid-solid operations of common or weak corrosion materials.
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Necessary Information for Agitator Design:
1.1 Mounting type : Top entry/Side entry/Bottom entry
1.2 Location : Indoor/Outdoor
2.1 Vessel diameter(mm)
2.2 Vessel height(mm)
2.3 Shape of vessel heads(top/bottom)
2.4 Operating pressure(barg)
2.5 Operating temperature(℃)
2.6 Fluid density(kg/m3)
2.7 Fluid viscosity(cP)
2.8 Mixing purpose
3.1 Impeller material
3.2 Shaft material
3.3 Mounting flange material
4.1 Explosion Protection
4.2 Variable-frequency Drive : Yes/No