GSL Series Hyperboloid Mixers/Agitators
GSL series hyperboloid mixers/agitators are widely used in the occasions where solid, liquid and gas are required to be mixed with liquid, especially for coagulation tanks, conditioning tanks, anaerobic tanks, nitrification and denitrification tanks in wastewater treatment.
The surface of the impeller is a hyperboloid structure. The unique impeller structure design combines flow characteristic well with mechanical movement. Eight guide blades are uniformly distributed on the impeller. When the impeller rotates, the fluid enters from the center of impeller and guided by the blades to form a radial flow. The flow goes upward after reaching tank wall and forms a bottom-up circulating flow. The structural features of the hyperboloid impeller together with the characteristics of the near bottom installation can achieve the desired mixing effect and eliminate the dead zones effectively.
Hyperboloid Mixer/Agitator Features:
Perfect mixing effect, no dead zone - good circulation
Large specific surface impeller, equipped with small power - energy saving
Flexible installation, easy maintain - convenient