XKJ Series Gear Driven Portable Mixers/Agitators
XKJ Series Gear Driven Portable Mixers/Agitators
Main Feature
Power : To 2.2 kW(3HP)
Speed :0-360 rpm
Torque: To 140 N.m
> Technology: paddle
> Batch/continuous: batch
> Application: for liquids
> Application domain: for chemical industry,laboratory,etc.
> Other characteristics:vertical.compact,light,quiet,clean
Design Features
XKJ gear drive portable mixers/agitators are the best choice for small volumes , from simple to complex mixing applications. Various motor choice(3P or 1P) and adjustable speed by VFD (or speed controller) provide flexible usage. The compact structure and Nodular baking iron housing reduce weight for really portable and moreover ensure enough strength and service life. With additional pedestal or adapters (for tote or drum), it can also be used at lots of special conditions. One invest fulfill various applications.
Main Design Features:
AGMA Quality gears with USDA H-1 lubrication grease
Special designed one piece shaft sleeve
Flexible ball and socket mount device
High strength mounting clamp
Folding impellers are in choice
Technical Specifications



Motor type





0.37(1/2HP) TEFC 25*1500.max 300/360 250
XKJ55E 0.55(3/4HP) TEFC 25*1500.max 300/360 275
XKJ75E 0.75(1HP) TEFC 30*1500.max 300/360 300
XKJ110E 1.1(1.5HP) TEFC 30*1500.max 300/360 325
XKJ150E 1.5(2HP) TEFC 35*1800.max 300/360 350
XKJ37V 0.37(1/2HP) TEFC-Variable 25*1500.max 0-300/360 250
XKJ55V 0.55(3/4HP) TEFC-Variable 25*1500.max 0-300/360 275
XKJ75V 0.75(1HP) TEFC-Variable 30*1500.max 0-300/360 300
XKJ110V 1.1(1.5HP) TEFC-Variable 30*1500.max 0-300/360 325
XKJ150V 1.5(2HP) TEFC-Variable 35*1800.max 0-300/360 350
Note: All the technical specifications are for reference. The motor, shaft or impeller etc. can be modified according to technical requirements.