CFJ Series Gear Drive Side-entry Mixers/Agitators
CFJ Series Gear Drive Side-entry Mixers/Agitators
Size: To 55kW(75HP)
Speeds: 170~350rpm
Characteristics & Features:
CFJ series gear drive side-entry mixers/agitators use one set of spiral bevel gears for power transfer. The structure is simple and transmission efficiency is high. With special designed mechanical seal and shut-off device, it is widely used in Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) absorb tower, oil storage tanks and other processes. The main design features:
�£¦#65533; Precision designed gears provides compact structure and extra strength for longer life.
�£¦#65533; Robust bearings live in excess of 100,000 hours.
�£¦#65533; One piece of shaft design ensures precision and provides stability.
�£¦#65533; Special shut-off device can provide seal maintenance without drain the tank.
�£¦#65533; Special designed 261 seal (SiC-SiC) makes it possible for nearly all kinds of conditions.
The CFJ series mixers/agitators can be used for lots of processes, from simple storage mixing to complex gas-solid-liquid mixing.
Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) --------
Water and waste water treatment---------
Mineral process------
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Necessary Information for Agitator Design:
1.1 Mounting type : Top entry/Side entry/Bottom entry
1.2 Location : Indoor/Outdoor
2.1 Vessel diameter(mm)
2.2 Vessel height(mm)
2.3 Shape of vessel heads(top/bottom)
2.4 Operating pressure(barg)
2.5 Operating temperature(℃)
2.6 Fluid density(kg/m3)
2.7 Fluid viscosity(cP)
2.8 Mixing purpose
3.1 Impeller material
3.2 Shaft material
3.3 Mounting flange material
4.1 Explosion Protection
4.2 Variable-frequency Drive : Yes/No