GMV Series Belt Driven
GMV series mixers
Size: To 360kW(480HP)
Speeds: 80~500rpm
Torque: Over 70000N.m
Characteristics & Features:
GMV series mixers are specially designed using V belts for power transfer instead of gears. Belt driver has the advantage of high cost performance, lower maintenance cost. The large-power belt drive mixers are specially designed for large fermentation tanks. Many successful installations prove that it is the right choice to replace gear drives for cost saving.
● Precision designed belt wheels provides compact structure and extra strength for longer life.
● High cost performance is suitable for cost sensitive projects.
● Lower maintenance cost compared to gearbox saves lots of money for running.
● Strong pedestal bearing design can resist large shock loads from impellers.
● Various seal types can be adopted to meet different requirements.
The GMV series mixers can be used for most small to large size applications, from critical to routine.
Pharmaceutical (Fermentation)--------