Commissioning Service for A Bioengineering project in  Inner Mongolia Finished

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      In April 2024, the service engineer of Greatwall Mixers provided on-site commissioning services for agitators of a bioengineering project in Inner Mongolia, China. Thses batch agitators mainly applied in biological fermentation.

      About project Design:

      Greatwall Mixers Delivers Superior Solutions for Biotech Fermentation. With years of dedicated experience in the field of biotech fermentation, Greatwall Mixers has accumulated extensive design expertise and possesses a comprehensive mixing design system. In the design phase of this project, our technical team selected the helical blade agitator based on parameters such as material viscosity, on-site working temperature, pressure, and customer process requirements.

      About the Inclined Impeller:

     The working principle of the inclined impeller is primarily based on the thrust it generates in the liquid when rotating, causing the liquid to flow along the axis direction of the agitator, thereby forming an axial flow. This flow pattern is highly advantageous for certain specific industrial processes as it helps achieve more uniform mixing throughout the entire reaction vessel. These impeller can be designed with tilt angles of 24¡ã, 45¡ã, or 60¡ã to effectively propel the liquid upward or downward during stirring. They are suitable for mixing liquids, suspensions, and dissolved liquids with low to medium viscosity, making them widely used in industries such as chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and bioengineering.

     This successful collaboration project has significantly enhanced Greatwall Mixers' design capabilities in the field of bioengineering, injecting strong momentum into enhancing clients' production capacity and further consolidating our position as an industry leader. Greatwall Mixers will continue to work hand in hand with clients, using excellent innovative capabilities and superb technology to continuously promote the prosperity and development of the bioengineering industry, jointly embracing a more brilliant future.