Supervision Service for A Chemical Project in  Sichuan Finished

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      In March 2023, the service engineer of GREATWALL MIXERS provided on-site supervision services for agitators of a Chemical project in Sichuan province, China. These agitators are mainly used in producing fluoropolymer.

      About fluoropolymer

      Fluoropolymer is a class of high-performance synthetic polymers characterized by carbon-fluorine bonds, offering excellent chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, electrical insulation, and extremely low friction coefficient. Due to these unique properties, fluoropolymers find wide applications in various fields. For example:

      Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE): Known as the "plastic king," PTFE boasts exceptional resistance to high and low temperatures (it can be used long-term at 260¡ãC and short-term at -268¡ãC), as well as outstanding non-adhesive and self-lubricating properties. PTFE is commonly used in the manufacture of non-stick cookware, seals, and various fittings.

      Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF): With excellent mechanical strength and toughness, good radiation resistance, PVDF is often used as a functional material in piezoelectric and thermoelectric devices. PVDF films can withstand atmospheric aging for over 30 years.

      Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene copolymer (ETFE) and ethylene-chlorotrifluoroethylene copolymer (E/CTFE): These copolymers combine good mechanical properties and heat resistance, suitable for applications such as cable insulation and lining for chemical equipment.

      About Project Design

      For this chemical project, our design team tailored the solution to the client's process requirements, material parameters, and design specifications, leveraging our extensive experience in the chemical field. The final choice was the ribbon screw mixer.

      About Ribbon Screw Impeller

      The ribbon screw impeller is an efficient mixing device primarily used for mixing and dispersing high-viscosity media. Its working principle involves:

      Rotational lifting: When the impeller is in operation, the drive unit rotates the mixing shaft, and the stainless steel ribbon and screw connected to it also rotate. As the ribbon has a right-hand structure and the screw has a left-hand structure, they push the material at the edge of the container upwards and squeeze the material in the middle of the container downwards, creating a corresponding flow field.

      Effective segmentation: The evenly distributed crossbars on the periphery of the ribbon effectively segment the material during rotation, increasing the contact area between the materials and promoting uniform mixing.

      Laminar flow state: This type of impeller typically operates in a laminar flow state, meaning that the material flow is orderly, which can reduce the heat generated by excessive mixing, making it suitable for handling high-viscosity liquids and pseudoplastic fluids.

      The ribbon screw impeller's moderate shear force makes it suitable for mixing and dispersing processes of media with high viscosity, such as coatings, paints, cosmetics, adhesives, pigments, shampoos, and chemical gels.

      Installation and Commissioning.

      For this batch of agitator, our service engineers provided professional guidance to the installation team on-site, ensuring the smooth installation of the agiator.

     This fluorine chemical project once again demonstrates Greatwall mixers' unique advantages and outstanding professional strength in the fluorine chemical field. By collaborating closely with our customers, we have jointly achieved remarkable results, injecting new vitality and momentum into the industry's development!