Supervision Service for A Macromolecular material Project in Jilin Finished

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      In January 2024, the service engineer of Greatwall Mixers traveled to an Supervision Service for A Macromolecular material Project in Jilin Finished.

      About carbon fiber

      Carbon fiber is an important material in modern industry, known for its lightweight, high strength, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance, playing an irreplaceable role in various high-end technological fields. Its applications include:

      1.Serving as a reinforcing material in composites with resins, metals, ceramics, etc., for the production of advanced composite materials.

      2.Widely used in industries such as aviation, automotive, racing, aerospace, defense, transportation, energy, sports, and leisure.

      3.Demonstrating significant advantages and application value in military, civilian, and industrial sectors.

      About agitator design

      During the project design phase, our technical team thoroughly considered the customer's process requirements, site conditions, as well as medium properties and viscosity parameters. After in-depth communication and multiple validations with the customer, we decided to utilize a anchor and frame type impeller, with scrapers as the solution.

      The anchor and frame type impeller, a low-speed impeller, is highly suitable for mixing, heat transfer, and reaction processes involving medium to high viscosity liquids. Its large impeller diameter-to-tank diameter ratio allows it to adapt to various reactor shapes such as elliptical heads, disc heads, or conical bottom tanks. This unique design enables the agitator to generate horizontal circumferential flow at different liquid heights during rotation, expanding the mixing range within the vessel and reducing the formation of dead zones. Additionally, scrapers on the frame effectively remove adherents from the tank walls, ensuring product quality. Lean Production:

      Greatwall mixers factory adheres to lean production principles, striving to provide customers with high-quality agitator through strict production processes and quality control systems.

      Installation and Commissioning:

      During the agitator installation and commissioning, our aservice engineer meticulously provided professional supervison for each installation step, ensuring the stable operation of the agitator.

      This on-site service not only showcases our professional expertise in the mixing field but also deepens our cooperation with customers, jointly advancing innovation and development in the field of macromolecular material.