Supervision Service for A Macromolecular material Project in Jiangsu Finished

Release time:1/20/2024 | Return

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      In January 2024, the service engineer of Greatwall Mixers provided on-site supervision services for agitators of a Macromolecular material project in Jiangsu. These agitators are mainly applied in producing PPO (Polyphenylene Oxide), which is one of the world's top five general-purpose engineering plastics, known for its excellent physical, mechanical, heat-resistant, and insulating properties.

     This project involves the owner's optimization and technological upgrade of the existing reactor. In response to the owner's specified process requirements, the Greatwall Mixers Technology team has implemented a series of optimized designs. These enhancements have improved the dispersal capability of the agitator, increased circulation efficiency, and resulted in a more uniform and stable dispersion of gases.

      Simultaneously, considering the on-site conditions, the agitator has been installed in a bottom-entry configuration, imposing higher standards for sealing and leakage prevention. To address this challenge, Greatwall Mixers has adopted the specialized F286 mechanical seal. This seal features hard-to-hard materials for the dynamic and static rings and incorporates a packing structure, effectively isolating solid particles within the vessel. Notably, in situations where the pressure in the balance tank consistently exceeds that inside the vessel, the minimal leakage of the sealing liquid is directed from the sealing chamber into the vessel, making it particularly suitable for mixing vessels with polymer materials.

      This technical upgrade not only enhances the performance of the agitator but also ensures greater stability and reliability throughout the entire production process. Greatwall Mixers remains committed to providing outstanding after-sales service to customers, guaranteeing the efficient operation of the mixing equipment in production.".