Supervision Service for A Bioengineering Project inHebei Finished

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      In December 2023, the service engineer of Greatwall Mixers provided on-site supervision services for agitators of a bioengineering project in Hebei. The batch of agitators are mainly applied in the field of biotechnology fermentation. Efficient and energy-saving solutions were provided to the customer. 

      During the project design phase, the design team of Greatwall Mixers fully considered the customer's oxygen dissolution and mixing requirements. Combining the working temperature, pressure, and characteristics of the medium involved in the project, after multiple rounds of calculations, verification, and simulations, a combination of propeller and parabolic disc turbine mixing impellers was ultimately adopted. This combination is particularly suitable for biotechnological fermentation oxygenation operations with low shear force requirements for mass transfer, heat transfer, and solid-liquid suspension.

      This combination has the advantages of saving 30%-40% of electrical energy, increasing mass transfer coefficient by 20% under the same power consumption, and improving gas-holding capacity by over 40%. This innovative design not only saves customers a significant amount of energy costs but also enhances production efficiency, bringing substantial economic benefits to customers.

      Greatwall Mixers has been committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services. With its rich experience and professional technology in the field of mixing equipment, the company provides customized solutions for customers. The on-site installation guidance service provided for the biotechnology project in Hebei once again demonstrates Greatwall Mixers' leading position and good reputation in the industry.

      In the future, Greatwall Mixers will continue to uphold the service concept of "customer-centric," continuously improve product quality and service levels, and create greater value for customers..