Supervision Service for A Macromolecular material Project in Anhui Finished

Release time:12/2/2023 | Return

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      In November 2023, the service engineer of Greatwall Mixers provided on-site supervision services for agitators of a Macromolecular material project in Anhui. These agitators are mainly applied in producing Polyvinyl alcohol fiber (PVA), This type of fiber is a synthetic fiber with cotton-like properties. In recent years, such synthetic fibers have been widely applied in agriculture, light industry, textiles, military, medical, and other fields.

      During the project design phase, our design team engaged in multiple rounds of communication and discussions with the client. After careful consideration, we ultimately opted for a configuration featuring multiple stages of mixing impellers. This combination, when in operation, facilitates the formation of significant axial circulation in the liquid, thereby reducing mixing time. This configuration maximizes efficiency and meets the client's process requirements to the fullest extent.

      At the equipment installation site, our after-sales engineers conducted a detailed inspection and commission ensuring its stable and efficient operation. This meticulous effort garnered high recognition and praise from the customer.

      Greatwall Mixers consistently adheres to customer-oriented principles, with high-quality service at its core, providing customers with comprehensive technical support and after-sales service. In the future, Greatwall Mixers will continue to uphold the corporate spirit of "advanced technology, assurable quality, and authentic reputation," aiming to become a world-class respectable mixing solution provider.