Supervision Service for A Macromolecular material Project in Tianjin Finished

Release time:9/16/2023 | Return

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    In September 2023, the service engineer of GREATWALL MIXERS provided on-site supervision services for agitators of a Macromolecular material project in Tianjin. These agitators are mainly applied in producing ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). After commissioning, the equipment runs stably.

   During the on-site supervision, the service engineer provided detailed explanations and demonstrations on the operation, maintenance, and commission of the equipment. He also trained the customer's operators to ensure they can operate and maintain the equipment proficiently, thus ensuring smooth production. This on-site supervision service not only improved the efficiency of the customer's equipment usage but also further enhanced the reputation and influence of GREATWALL in the macromolecular material industry.