GREATWALL 5 Agitators for a Xinjiang Environment Project Delivered

Release time:6/25/2022 | Return

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In June 2022, the after-sales engineer of GREATWALL MIXERS provided on-site guidance services for In June 2022, GREATWALL MIXERS completed the delivery of 5 sets of agitators tailored for a sludge treatment project in Xinjiang. After the on-site installation and guidance of GREATWALL Engineers, the equipment are in smooth operation. This batch of delivered agitators all adopt GMC series co-axial agitator independently developed by GREATWALL, which is able to handle a large amount of mud with stable output. At the same time, the impellers equipped with the agitators have the characteristics of large circulation capacity, which can ensure the even mixing of materials.This is another solid step taken by GREATWALL MIXERS in helping to reduce pollution and carbon, and it will play an important role in promoting the ecological solid waste disposal and resource recycling efficiency of this livelihood project.