GREATWALL 16 Agitators for Xinjiang Chemical Project Successfully Delivered

Release time:6/18/2022 | Return

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In June 2022, A total of 16 sets of GREATWALL MIXERS industrial agitators were successfully delivered, for Dimethyl sulfoxide desalination evaporator, Methyl sulfone crystallization and Sodium nitrate crystallization. All the three party inspection engineer, including the third-party, were present at the delivery site in Aksu, Xinjiang. The batch of customized industrial mixers is in smooth operation after the official on-site installation service provided by GREATWALL. As a leading enterprise in Chinese mixing industry, GREATWALL MIXERS has been committed to product R&D. The agitators that have just been delivered all adopt the GMC series co-axial agitators independently developed by GREATWALL, equipped with motors below 132kW and featured with low energy consumption, low noise and compact structure. During the crystallization process, larger and uniform crystal particles can be obtained, which is easy to remove salt impurities and the utilization rate of resources is guaranteed.