GREATWALL On-Site Installation Guidance for a Guangxi New Energy Project

Release time:6/11/2022 | Return

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In June 2022, the after-sales engineer of GREATWALL MIXERS provided on-site guidance services for agitators of a new energy and energy conservation project in Guangxi province, China. The series of gear-driven side-entry agitators are used for fermented biogas slurry storage tanks and run stably after commissioning. Followed up by the technical engineer of GREATWALL MIXERS throughout the design process, the batch of three side-entry agitators meets the stirring power required. According to the engineer, the customized type of agitators forms a downward pressure during operation, so that the raw materials floating on the surface sink and the condensation can be prevented. What¡¯s more, it is beneficial to the even distribution of bacteria, so the fermentation efficiency in the system can be guaranteed. GREATWALL MIXERS will be committed to innovating in technology and service to ensure the maximization of customer benefits with reliable product quality and service.