GREATWALL Products With Assured After-Sales Services

Release time:5/28/2022 | Return

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In May 2022, GREATWALL MIXERS dispatched the engineer to Shenzhen to provide after-sales service for the maintenance of mechanical seals of the agitators delivered in 2017, which are in good operation after maintenance. This is a special after-sales service provided by the company based on customer needs and the wear and tear of the parts. This batch of top-entry customized agitators is used for the processing of chemicals, more precisely for semiconductors, liquid crystals, touch screen materials, etc. Therefore, high-level engineering and technical support are needed in terms of the parts of the mixers, and the technology is supposed to be highly intensive. In the five years since the products were delivered and put into use, GREATWALL MIXERS after-sales engineer learned from the customer that the mixing products demonstrate superior performance as usual after the complex chemical processes.