4S Practice Training in Production Department

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Repeated training can master knowledge more proficiently.Employees' awareness of "4S" (SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SEIKETSU) is increasing with the development of the lean production.

On September 24, 2020,our production department carried out "4S" practical training in the stainless steel shaft workshop to master "4S" skills more proficiently.

After cheering and mobilization, they were divided into four teams to PK.

>> Line up to show the teams.

>> The first "S"- SEIRI. Distinguish between what is needed and what is not, based on the use "frequency" of the tools.The improvement method is "open door appearance method".

>> The second "S"-SEITON. The key is to know the status of the scene at a glance. The main improvement method is track management.

>> The third "S"- SEISO. The key is to solve the sources of difficulty and occurrence. The improvement methods are check sheets, forms of unreasonable items and the development of cleaning tools.

>> The fourth "S"- SEIKETSU. The key is that every region has a responsible person and adhere to standards. Improvement methods include management and maintenance of the benchmark table and periodic inspection table. All items, venues, tools, and equipments have a clear responsible person, supervisor and frequency of inspection to ensure the maintenance of the site.

All teams presented the photos before and after comparison that took in the activity process through PPT.

All teams are fighting and working together in this training! Each member learns more about "4S" and will be more active in lean production!