Technical department conducts a technical training

Release time:7/30/2020 | Return

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Recently, the chief engineer of the technology department gave us a wonderful technical lecture on the design and improvement of xanthan gum fermentation. He introduced the characteristics of xanthan gum from the perspective of product and technology, and carried out the design and improvement of fermentation agitator according to its characteristics. Based on these and combined with the actual design cases and field photos, he analyzed the continuous improvement and the results obtained in the design of xanthan collagen fermentation agitator in recent years.

Before that, the technical department had organized two internal trainings, namely ¡°mechanical design and manufacturing introduction¡± and ¡°magnetic transmission design introduction¡±. The former not only introduces the classification of workshop processing equipment and their characteristics and performance, but also introduces some mechanical design needs to be designed according to the characteristics of processing equipment. The latter, training lecturer introduced the characteristics of magnetic drive, the characteristics of magnetic steel and how to design and calculate the magnetic drive in detail combined with his own experience in magnetic agitation design for more than ten years, which helps us to have a deeper understanding of the principle and design of magnetic drive.

On the basis of the previous internal training, the technical department will further organize all kinds of trainings to enrich their knowledge and improve their professional and technical skills.