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design and equipment manufacturing of various mixing processes!
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We have built one of the most advanced mixing laboratories in the world which includes high speed video imaging, Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), Brookfield Viscosity metering, and the latest in CFD analysis (Fluent). In addition to laboratory sizes, we have full scale testing capability at our factory.

"Computational Fluid Dynamics" (CFD) could accurately predict mixing performance in large tanks including those with unusual geometry or process requirements. The combination of PIV with CFD gives us powerful tools that are capable of substantially reducing pilot or full scale trials.


We offer our customers the advantage of working with the largest engineering staff in the mixing industry. With nearly 100 engineers,we have been able to set up specialized teams :

→ Ethanol/Biodiesel Pharmaceutical/ Biotech/Food

→ Chemical/Petrochemical/ Paint &Coatings

→ FGD/Water/Wastewater Pulp/Paper


Part of our engineering department focuses on the pushing impeller technology. This has resulted in several significant impeller technology breakthroughs. For example some of these are:

→ Fourth Generation Gas Dispersion Impellers - ideal for fermentation.

→ Two new impellers for side entry mixing. One is designed to increase directional flow with a lower power consumption and the another impeller is specifically designed for solids suspension.

→ New hydrofoil that incorporates a new way of manufacturing the blade to increase strength of the blade while maintaining the same mixing profile.