CKJ Series Swivel Angle Gear Driven Side Entry Mixers
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CKJ Series Swivel Angle Gear Driven Side Entry Mixers

Main Feature

Power : To 45kW(60HP)
Speed : 170~350 rpm
Torque: To 5000 N.m
Bearings: Over 100,000 hours


> Technology: paddle
> Batch/continuous: batch
> for liquid-liquid,solid-liquid,gas-liquid,liquid-gas-solid
> Other characteristics: horizontal, compact

Design Features:
CKJ series swivel angle side entry mixers are developed based on CFJ fixed angle mixers by adding periodically swivel device.It is suitable for such super giant vessels,such as slurry or crude oil storage tank,or vessel which need perfect mixing.The swivel angle design could reduce power consumption,shorten mixing time and enhance mixing effect.With 261 mechanical seal for side entry mixers and special shut-off device,the seal faces and mechanical seal assure maintenance without drainage of the tank fluid.
Main Design Features:
Easy seal replacement
Minimum maintenance requirement
Patent pending tank shut-off device
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