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We have the expertise to help in scale up, process development (in terms of mixing performance), and design for cGMP installations. Our background in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients allows us to differentiate between mixing theory and practice for successful operation in manufacturing operations. Proper mixing is critical to both homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions either in achieving the desired conversion rate and in achieving the predicted selectivity.
√ biological technology
√ fermentation
√ medicine
√ ......
For over 30 years GREATWALL MIXERS have cooperated with the leading petrochemical company in creating innovative and robust mixing solutions.Leading industry brands continue to choose GREATWALL MIXERS for its application:
√ rubber
√ resin
√ polyester
√ plastics
√ chemical fiber
√ oil combinations
√ Alkynes (acetylene)
√ Olefins (ethylene, propylene, butene, and butadiene)
√ Aromatics (benzene, toluene, xylene)
√ And syngas
Food & Beverage
GREAT WALL Mixers supplies agitators for most food and drink applications. These mixers include food grade oils/lubricants, all polished wetted parts and special shaft sealing options.
√ Beverages - Fruit Juice, Fruit concentrates, Wine, Spirits
√ Edible Oils - Storage, Refining
√ Bakery - Yeast, Liquid doughs, Liquid Eggs
√ Confectionary - Sugar solutions, syrup, fillings, chocolate
√ ......
Environment Protection-FGD Industry Leader
We have been at the forefront of mixing research for use in flue gas desulfurization. Our work has lead to significant breakthroughs in impeller design, sealing alternatives, efficiency, gas sparging techniques, improved solid suspension and minimizing solid deposits.
√ Reagent preparation
√ Pre-scrubber and absorber tanks
√ Waste slurry separation feed and holding tanks
√ Activated Carbon Slurry Mixing
√ Area sumps
√ ...
Fine Chemicals
Fine chemical is one of the most dynamic emerging areas in the chemical industry today. Many types of fine chemical products with high added value, wide use directly serve national industries and various high-tech industries. Nowadays, GREATWALL MIXERS has successfully designed and manufactured agitators for various fine chemical processes.
√ pesticide
√ Coatings, dyes, pigments
√ Catalysts and various additives
√ Adhesive
√ Chemicals (APIs)
√ Daily chemicals, etc.
Environment Protection-Water Treatment
GREATWALL Mixers agitators are being used in numerous municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment plants. Our mixers are being used in the following applications:
√ Coagulation
√ Flocculation
√ Lime and Chemical Makeup
√ Activated Carbon Slurry Mixing
√ Digestion
√ Equalization and Neutralization
Our experience in all phases of water and wastewater treatment helps our customers achieve optimal process results.
Salt chemical industry
Salt chemical industry refers to the process of producing sodium-containing chemicals (such as sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide, sodium chlorate) and chlorinated products by chemical methods using salt or bittern resources. GREATWALL MIXERS has developed efficient impellers for the salt chemical process and has been applied to many salt chemical companies successfully.
√ Sodium carbonate
√ Sodium hydroxide
√ hydrochloric acid
New energy
New energy, also called unconventional energy, is various kinds of energy except traditional energy. Developed special side-entry and inclined-entry agitator for the new energy industry, which can meet process requirements and achieve high efficiency and energy saving.
√ Biogas
√ Fuel ethanol
√ Biodiesel
√ Fuel methanol
√ Hydrogen energy
New material
New materials are being actively developed all over the world. They are one of the key areas of international competition. Moreover, they are also significant in determining a country's high-end manufacturing and defense security. GREATWALL MIXERS has rich experience in agitator design and many achievements in mixing equipment. GREATWALL MIXERS can provide professional research and development of agitator for customers' different process requirements.
√ Battery materials ...
√ New Chemical Materials
√ Macromolecular material
√ Bio-based materials
√ silicone and fluoropolymer
√ Fiber and composite materials
Metallurgy and mining
hydrometallurgy is using of extractant to dissolve the valuable metal components or other components in the solution of the ore, concentrate and calcine. Generally, the agitators are required to have the functions of corrosion and abrasion resistance. Some leaching processes also need oxygen. GREATWALL MIXERS has developed agitators suitable for gas-liquid-solid three-phase heat transfer, mass transfer and reaction.
√ Non-ferrous metals, such as lead, zinc, aluminum, copper, etc.
√ Rare metals, such as lithium, titanium, vanadium, niobium, etc.
√ Sparse metals, such as gallium, indium, germanium, selenium, etc.
√ Precious metals, gold, silver and platinum group metals
√ Non-metals, such as phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, magnesium hydroxide, etc.
Coal chemical industry
Coal chemical industry refers to the process of using coal as a raw material to convert coal into gas, liquid and solid fuels and chemicals. Agitator is mainly used in the preparation process of coal water slurry, storage of materials and some reaction processes. GREATWALL MIXERS has provided agitators for coal chemical customers for a long time. We have rich experience in the design and manufacture of agitator.
√ coal gasification
√ Coal to Methanol
√ Coal-to-ethylene glycol
√ Coal-made synthetic ammonia
√ Coal to olefins
√ Coking
GREAT WALL Mixers has done extensive research and work in the field of solids suspension, slurry dynamics, Vacuum crystallization and Special Machinery. This has lead to efficient and cost effective process solutions.

Solvent Extraction

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Attrition Scrubbers

Pressure Oxidation

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Zinc Processing

Biological Oxidation


Lithium Battery


Macadam Treatment

Bituminous Treatment

Cement Treatment

Heat-Barrier Material

Cooling Fan Machine


Vacuum crystallization

solution preparation

water-based coating preparation

metal smelting

oil circulation

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