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The Second International Process Intensification Conference
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Process intensification is transforming chemical engineering processes and plants. New targets replace traditional guidelines in process design: substantial improvement of the equipment size/production ratio and severe reduction of energy consumption and waste generation. By using new technologies, process intensification proves to be successful to produce more compact, safer, sustainable and energy-efficient equipment and processes.

The Second International Process Intensification Conference (IPIC2) will take place as a standalone conference, unlike IPIC1 which was held in conjunction with the 10th World Congress of Chemical Engineering (Barcelona 2017). IPIC2 will be an excellent opportunity to learn about recent implementations in industry, the latest advances in research, and the current offer from technology providers. Furthermore, discussions on the state of the art and future perspective of process intensification will keep you updated on future trends. We specifically reach out to our colleagues in other continents to build a global PI community.


Batch to Continuous

Energy Activation for Processes and Materials

Multifunctional Reactors and Hybrid Separators

Modular Processes


3D Printing and Process Intensification

Novel Process and Equipment Concepts

Modelling and Control of Intensified Processes

Scale up and Industrial Implementation

A number of presenters in IPIC2 will be invited to publish their results in a Special Issue of the Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification (CEP:PI ¨C Elsevier) Journal or a Special Issue of the Journal of Advanced Manufacturing and Processing (JAMP ¨C Wiley).