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On-site Exchange of FPV7 Agitator Commissioning at GREATWALL MIXERS
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Recently,GREATWALL MIXER has designed and manufactured agitators for "100Kt/A Power Lithium Ion Battery Ternary Precursor" project and arranged the 10M3 reactor¡¯s FPV7 Agitator commissioning at our experimental tank,technical department and Sales department colleagues come to observe and study.

Hua Liping , as the operator of this test who is assembly workshop worker with rich experience ,displayed every step from installation preparation to the commissioning.

Under installation

Under Commissioning

Meanwhile we invited Cheng Jiaxin, the director of planning center ,gave a detailed live commentary , also shared the 10M3 reactor working principle and design principle with everyone.

All the colleagues were very focused and gave high praise, I believe that everyone benefited a lot from this on-site exchange.

On-site Communication

FPV7 Inpection Report