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Review Conference on Sealing Standards Held in Wenzhou
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In August 2018,Standards Review Conference of Chemical Industry Special Sealing Standardization Technical Committee was successfully held in Wenzhou and was arranged at Wenzhou Jiayun International Hotel. GREATWALL MIXERS was responsible for the conference,invited about 40 key representatives including review experts and the drafters of the standards. The whole conference lasted for three days ,nine standards for industrial special seals were revised and achieved a complete success.

Mr. Yu Peiqing (Vice Chairman of the National Mechanical Seal Standardization Technical Committee, Chairman of GREATWALL MIXERS) delivered his fiery speech.

Representatives showed great interest and high praise after they visited our lab and workshop.

GREATWALL MIXERS built one of the most advanced mixing laboratories in the world which includes high speed video imaging, Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), Brookfield Viscosity metering, and the latest in CFD analysis (Fluent). In addition to laboratory sizes, we have full scale testing capability at our factory.

The conference was lively and informative.