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GREATWALL MIXERS in ACHEMA Again - World Forum and Leading Show for the Process Industries
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On 11th June 2018, The 32nd German ACHEMA International Chemical Engineering, Environmental Protection and Biotechnology Exhibition (ACHEMA 2018) was grandly opened at Frankfurt am Main, Germany. As a professional agitator designer and manufacturer, GREATWALL MIXERS participate in this exhibition under the leadership of Dr. Yu Shuyao.In ACHEMA 2018,GREATWALL MIXERS present more innovative, high efficient,more energy-saving ,and more environmentally-friendly mixers ,together with better service to the guests from all over the world,which help to consolidate existing cooperation relationships, discover a large number of potential customers, and lay a solid foundation for market development.

GREATWALL MIXERS displayed three series high-end class products in the exhibition:MTS series sanitary magnetic bottom-entry mixers ,XKJ series portable mixers,DTM series dynamic stirring in-tube mixers.Some of clients can't help to make compliments to these mixers after introduction from Dr.Xie Minghui.