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GREATWALL MIXERS Successfully Held "Employee Fun Games"
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In order to invigorate employees sports cultural life, create a good atmosphere for forging ahead together, promote healthy life concepts, and cultivate teamwork spirit of collaboration. On May 26,GREATWALL MIXERS held the "Employess Fun Games". The games including rotation station ring, dress relay, eagle catching chickens, tug-of-war competition and so on. Everyone participated enthusiastically.

At 3:00 p.m., the spirit of high morale and rising spirit permeates every corner of our factory and the first fun warm-up games on the square was fierce!

The contestants cooperated with each other and competed fiercely, perfectly interpreting the principle of "friendship first, competition second", which made the entire game exciting and laughter continued...

GREATWALL MIXERS people who work conscientiously on their posts at ordinary time,while on the track like a professional athlete,full of power competition made people marveling unceasingly!

Of course, the prizes for the Games are also rich and varied, covering all kinds of practical items such as electric mosquito coils, laundry detergent, electric fans, drinks and so on.

The successful holding of the Games has enriched the company's cultural life and created a good atmosphere for happy work and happy life!