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International after-sales

Job Description:
1. Installation and maintenance the mixers at customer site usually in foreign countries other than China;
2. Feedback the information of after-sales to the company, and discuss about the solution with the technical department and manufacturing department;
3. Record after-sales data and complete customer feedback form.
Job Requirements:
1. College degree or above in mechanical design and chemical machinery;
2.Experience of machinery manufacturing, after-sales is preferred;
3, Well usage of English;
4, Well adapted to foreign sales.

Sales manager in Vietnam / Singapore or Malaysia / Indonesia

Job Description:
1. Obtain orders from local market;
2. Focus sales efforts by studying existing and potential customers and maintain good relationship with customers;
3. Gather and analyze current marketplace information on pricing, products, new products, delivery schedules;
4. Provide outstanding customer support;.
5. Other duties as may be required or assigned.
Job Requirements:
1. Familiar with the local sales market, Former sales experience in chemical industry is a plus;
2. Strong motivation for sales, self-confidence, good presentation skills, excellent communication skills;
3. Success-oriented, flexible and a team player;
4. Bachelor degree or above;
5. Excellent language skills in both local language and English.

Technical Design Engineer

Job Description:
1,To be responsible for the non-standard mixers' development ,designing and improvement.
2,Familiar with operation of the CAD, SolidWorks and other software for designing and improve mixers.
Job Requirements:
1,Bachelor degree or above in Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation/chemical machinary.
2,Strong sense of responsibility and good teamworker.
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